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Our Story

In an era of green & ethical marketing we provide a genuine and honest supply route and we believe and understand the importance of CSR , its imbedded in culture and proven.

Working from UK facilities we design and work with design teams to originate, make and supply. Producing home furnishings from samples and short runs in the UK to manufacturing large volumes with our partners overseas. We make bed linen, curtains, fabrics, towels and home furnishing accessories.

We deal directly in the supply chain working ourselves and with our own teams overseas in Pakistan, China, Turkey and Europe. We have our own modern facilities in the UK with digital textile printing, stitching and warehousing and distribution.

With fantastic design, merchandising and product departments we have a respected team with proven track records in retail, fashion and manufacturing.

All of this is all backed by being one of the few UK companies in our field ISO accredited.

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